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Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.3
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.14-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed (Special)Vol.11 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.7 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.7 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.7 No.1
ISSN - 09746315
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Influence of phosphate solubilizing bacteria for enhancement of plant growth and seed yield in lentil A. V. Singh, B. Prasad and S. Shah

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Validations of fertilizer recommendations based on soil tests for yield targets of mulberry under farmers’ field conditions in Chhotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand P. C. Bose, R. Kar, M. K. Singh and A. K. Bajpai

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Eeffect of arsenate on phosphorus accumulation in rice under simulated condition B. Adhikari, M. K. Bag And R. D. Tripathi

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Institutionalization of system of rice intensification (SRI) in Indonesia: socio- economic aspects I. M. Ferichani and D. A. Prasetya

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Status and growth of pineapple production in North Bengal B. Das, K. K. Das and T. N. Roy

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Performance of different wheat genotypes under various levels of nitrogen in rainfed condition of terai region of West Bengal S. Das and B. Mitra

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Genetic divergence of local germplasms of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in red and laterite tracts of West Bengal, India A. Dutta, P. D. Ghosh, F. Hossain and R. Sadhukhan

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Assessing the women empowerment in terms of the extent of participation in political activities at North 24- Parganas district of West Bengal J. K. Das, K. Pradhan and R. Ghosal

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A study on wheat cultivation under zero tillage and conventional tillage practices S. C. Sarker, P. S. Patra, G. Mula and B. Paramanik

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Effect of graded doses of potassium on growth, yield and nutrient uptake of mulberry (Morus alba L.) in eastern sub-Himalayan region P. C. Bose, R. Kar, D. Das and S. K. Majumder

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Influence of different sources of phosphorus and phosphate solubilizing bacteria on productivity of rainfed rice (Oryza sativa L.) S. Sakhen, L. Nabachandra and N. Anando

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Studies on genetic divergence in chilli (Capsicum spp.) under sub Himalayan tracts of West Bengal S. Datta and J. C. Jana

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Changes in character association in recombinant lines of Brassica campestris M. Sen and K. S. Karmakar

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Application of micronutrients on growth, yield and quality of banana M. Pathak, F. K. Bauri, D. K. Misra, B. Bandyopadhyay and K. Chakraborty

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Studies on the influence of organic and inorganic inputs on soil biological parameters in Darjeeling tea gardens A. Bishnu, P. Bhattacharya, S. Tripathi, A. Chakraborty and T. Saha

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Physio-biochemical markers for selecting water logging tolerant mulberry genotypes S. K. Sil, P. D. Ghosh and M. K. Ghosh

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Development and performance evaluation of a semi-automatic cashew nut sheller S. K. Swain, J. P.Gupta and P. K. Sahoo

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15N studies on fertilizer nitrogen derivation, quantity and translocation efficiency in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) P. Veeramani, K. Subrahmaniyan, K. Arulmozhiselvan And R. Muthukrishnan

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Effect of growing degree days on biological growth indices of wheat and mustard A. Dutta, S. K. Dutta, S. Jena, R. Nath, P. Bandyopadhyay and P. K. Chakraborty

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Optimum allocation of resources in vegetable cultivation G. Dey

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Diurnal variation in spectral properties of wheat crop sown under different dates M. Parya, S. K. Dutta, S. Jena, R. Nath and P. K. Chakraborty

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Effect of organically supplemented N on yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) S. P. Sangeetha and A. Balakrishnan

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Effect of time and species on bud union and survivability in citrus under Allahabad condition S. Seletsu, P. K. Paul and K. Thangjam

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Growth and instability of food grains production of India and West Bengal B. K. Bera, A. Jha Chakraborty, A. K. Nandi and A. Sarkar

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Allelopathic inhibition of teak leaf extract: A potential pre-emergent herbicide R. K. Kole, P. Roy Karmakar, R. Poi and D. Mazumdar

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Impact of weather variables on weed infestation in wet season rice in West Bengal G. Saha, K. Brahamachari and R. Kundu

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Studies on effect of potassium fertilizer and some plant protection techniques on pest incidence of cauliflower S. Biswas, B. Mahato and P. S. Patra

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Evaluation of chlorimuron ethyl and quizalofop-p-tefuryl alone and in combination for weed management in irrigated soybean M. T. Sanjay, V. K. K. Kumar, T. V. R. Prasad and P. T. Gowda

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An integrated approach to manage weeds in groundnut-upland rice-potato cropping sequence S. Roychoudhury, K. Brahmachari, R. Deb and S. S. Mandal

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Efficacy of botanical pesticides against white backed plant hopper in rice A. Sasmal, D. K. Bhatacharya and L. R. Nanda

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Effect of sulphur on yield, nutrient concentration and sulphur use efficiency of mulberry P. C. Bose, R. Kar and S. K. Majumder

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Genetic divergence study for yield and quality traits in tossa jute S. K. Roy, B. Das, V. A. Kale and S. Haque

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Efficacy of phosphogypsum and magnesium sulphate as sources of sulphur to sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in red and lateritic soils of West Bengal B. K. Pati, P. Patra, G. K. Ghosh, S. Mondal, G. C. Malik and P. K. Biswas

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Bioassay study of pendimethalin in wheat-Polygonum association under terai agro-ecological region of West Bengal S. Rahaman and P. K. Mukherjee

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Evaluation of quizalofop - p - tefuryl 4.41% EC against grassy weeds in black gram (Vigna mungo L.) A. S. Tomar

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Effect of pyridalyl against Plutella xylostella (L.) on cabbage and natural enemies G. Chakraborty and A. K. Somchoudhury

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