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Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.3
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.14-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed (Special)Vol.11 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.7 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.7 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.2
ISSN - 09746315
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Radiation technology in agriculture

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SRI – A methodology for substantially raising rice productivity by using farmers’ improve thinking and practice with farmers’ available resources

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Cryopreservation technology for conservation of selected vegetative propagules

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Influence of nitrogen and sulphur nutrition on growth and yield of garlic (Allium sativum L.)

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Fish production in Manipur- an economic analysis

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Sustaining productivity in boro (winter) season using minimal water through dry direct seeding of rice

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Forms and distribution of potassium in some soils of Hooghly district of West Bengal

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Sustainable system intensification of sesamum (Sesamum indicum) through legume intercropping in sandy loam tract of Kerala

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Physico-chemical properties of sapota (Manilkara achras(Mill) Fosb.) fruits coated with corn starch

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Agro-techniques for increasing yield potential of potato (Solanum tuberosum) under drip irrigation

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Impact of GDD and HTU on dry matter accumulation in mungbean sown under different dates in the sub-humid tropical environment of Eastern India

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Long-term temperature analysis and its future projection during post-monsoon and winter season in the alluvial, red lateritend costal region of West Bengal

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Impact of climatic parameters on milk production in murrah buffaloes

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Standardization of recipe for preparation of guava jelly bar

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Genetic control and character association estimates of yield and yoeld attributing traits in some mungbean genotypes

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Farmers’ participatory quality seed production of field crops-A case study

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Modeling and forecasting of tea production in West Bengal

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Genetic diversity of wheat genotypes based on principal component analysis in Gangetic alluvial soil of West Bengal

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Character association, genetic variability and component analysis in sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L. Moench)]

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Evaluation of pre-released bold seeded lentil varieties for growth and yield potentiality in the Gangetic plains of West Bengal

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Influence of pre-harvest spray of growth regulators on the quality and shelf life of baby corn during storage at room temperature

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Estimating the correlates of employment and income generation through bamboo enterprise in Tripura

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Estimation of variability for grain yield, quality and some agronomic traits in bread wheat and triticale

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Empowering the rural people through entrepreneurship development and management

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Importance of biodiversity of fruit crops and their wild relatives for food and nutritional security in Azerbaijan

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Time series modeling and forecasting of pulses production in India

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Genetic divergence, variability and character association in landraces of blackgram (Vigna Mungo [L.] Hepper) from Odisha

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Factors contributing towards adoption of aromatic rice production technology in Nadia district of West Bengal

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Performance and profitability study of different mango based intercropping systems in Easternghat high land zone of Odisha

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Performance of pummelo germplasm in new alluvial zone of West Bengal

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Impact of agro-meteorological indices on growth and productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Eastern India

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Investigations on nitrous oxide emissions from organic rice fields as influenced by atmospheric factors

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Blocked the article

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A review on endangered medicinal plants of India and their conservation

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Determinants of small rubber growers’ adoption behaviour in Dhalai district of Tripura

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Influence of concentration and mode of application of different growth regulators on dendrobium hybrid Thongchai Gold

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Green house gas emission potentiality of wheat as influenced by microclimate and ambient sunshine under varied climatic conditions

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Submergence tolerance of some modern rice cultivars at seedling and vegetative stages

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Productivity and nutrient uptake of summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) towards different levels of irrigation and sulphur

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Carbon sequestration opportunities in organic agriculture

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Effect of bio-fertilizers on physico-chemical qualities and leaf mineral composition of guava grown in alluvial zone of West Bengal

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Impact of improvised production technology for rapeseed-mustard in West Bengal

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Improvement of lathyrus productivity through seed priming and foliar nutrition under rice-uterasystem

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Studies on seed germination and seedling growth of papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. Coorg Honey Dew as influenced by media and chemicals

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Production potential realization and quality enhancement of mung bean through integrated nutrient management

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Potentiality of landraces of rice in crop improvement programme in New Alluvial Soil of West Bengal

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Nitrogen availability and uptake as influenced by time of application and N sources in semi-dry rice (Oryza sativa)

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Process standardization for rice bran stabilization and its nutritive value

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Studies on variability, heritability, genetic advance and path analysis in some indigenous Aman rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Improving yield and quality of banana cv. Martaman (MusaAAB, Silk) through micronutrient and growth regulator application

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Effect of irrigation regimes and seed soaking techniques on root growth and yield of rice

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Study of rainfall variability for efficient crop planning - a case study

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Impact of integrated nutrient management on performance of rice under system of rice intensification (SRI)

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Anatomical and morphological characteristics of nine jute genotypes

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Impact of improved backyard production system on livelihood empowerment

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Invasive weeds and climate change: past, present and future

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Bioefficacy studies of chlorimuron ethyl 25% WP in transplanted rice and its effect on soil microflora in inceptisol of West Bengal

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Persistence behaviour of tetraconazole in watermelon

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Diversity of nematodes in Antarctica under changing climatic conditions

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Weedy rice invasion in rice fields of India and management options

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Diversity of migratory nematode endoparasites of banana

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Degradation dynamics of clomazone in paddy field

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Weed management in rice – soybean intercropping system under rainfed condition of Marathwada region of Maharshtra

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Residual fate and persistence behaviour of a mixed herbicide formulation (pyroxsulam 4.5% OD + sulfosulfuron 75% WDG) in wheat plant and field soil

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Persistence behaviour of a mixed formulation (florasulam 10% + halauxifen methyl 10.4% WG) in wheat

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Studies on weed infestation of some agricultural fields at Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh

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Seasonal incidence of Epilachna beetle (Henosepilachna septima Dieke) in relation to weather parameters on pointed gourd (Tricosanthes dioica Roxb.)

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Effect of different herbicides used in transplanted rice on weed management in rice-lathyrus cropping system

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Biotechnological approach: an option for integrated weed management in crop production

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Fate and behaviour of azoxystrobin in chilli by using liquid chromatography with mass spectroscopy

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Weed control methods in direct seeded rice under medium land condition

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On probability models for describing population dynamics of major insect pests under rice-potato-okra cropping system

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Studies on management of foliar diseases in onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Integration of chemical and cultural methods for weed management in kharif groundnut

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Suppression of Fusarium wilt disease in gladiolus by using rhizobacterial strains

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Analytical method, validation and degradation kinetics of Fluroxypyr- Meptyl in onion using gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

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Performance of wheat genotypes under different row spacing in New Alluvial Zone of West Bengal

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Studies on seed viability of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Deg.)

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Performance of baby corn (Zea mays L.) under the influence of in situ green manuring and phosphorus in acid soil of Meghalaya

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Response of oat (Avena sativa l.) on quality and economics to nitrogen and phosphorus levels under North Gujarat agro-climatic conditions

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Performance of dill germplasm as intercrop and mono-crop in the Gangetic plains of West Bengal

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Nitrogen response of promising rice entries under rainfed shallow lowland of red and laterite zone of West Bengal, India

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Nutrient optimization on growth and productivity of rice in the red and lateritic belt of West Bengal

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Effects of cropping sequence and weed management on density and vertical distribution of weed seeds in alluvial soil

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