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Journal of Crop and WeedVol.18-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.18-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.18-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.17-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.17-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.17-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.16-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.15-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.3
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.14-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.14-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.13-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.3
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.12-No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.11-No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed (Special)Vol.11 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.10 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.9 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.2
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.8 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.7 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.7 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.6 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.5 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.4 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.3 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.2 No.1
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.2
Journal of Crop and Weed Vol.1 No.1
Journal of Crop and WeedVol.18-No.3
ISSN - 09746315
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Factors affecting the production of major pulse crops A. Singh and S. Singh in Madhya Pradesh DOI :

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Nitrogen mineralisation of green manure crops during rabi - a relative analysis, M. Sanjana, G. S. Madhu Bindu, B. Padmaja, M. Uma Devi and S. Triveni DOI :

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Efficient nutrient management for profitable quality tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.) seed production in the intensively jute fibre growing southern Bengal region S. Sarkar, M. Behera, A. Bera and S. K. Sarkar DOI :

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Assessment of forage berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) for productivity and profitability under varying seed rates and phosphorus fertilization M. Arif, A. Kumar, R. Pourouchottamane,D. L. Gupta and B. Rai DOI :

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Integrated nutrient management for improving growth and yield of cowpea K. Pushpa, N. Pruthviraj and M. G. Vinay DOI :

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Variation in yield and yield attributes of hybrid mustard (Brassica juncea M.) influenced by different spacing and fertilizer levels A. Mala, S. K. Singh, R. Nath, A. John, P. Kumar and A. Bera DOI :

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Yield intensification of spring mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) through exogenous foliar nutrition T. Mahato, K. Murmu, A. Sarkar, S. Maji and P. Das DOI :

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Quality and suitability of fertilised rabi legume crops for green manuring A. Chendra Babu Naidu, G. S. Madhu Bindu,M. Malla Reddy and M. Uma Devi DOI :

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Evaluation of AB-DTPA for multinutrient extraction from cardamom and pepper plantations in Idukki district of Kerala V. I. Beena, P. Geetha, P. S. Philip,P. Sureshkumar, Amrutha S. Ajayan,Sam K. Issac, R. S. Sooraj and A. K. Shukla DOI :

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Optimization of magnesium and boron dosage in cardamom grown in Idukki district of Kerala V. I. Beena, P. Geetha, P. S. Philip, P. Sureshkumar, Amrutha S. Ajayan,R. S. Sooraj, Sam K. Issac and A. K. Shukla DOI :

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Juxtaposition of morpho-qualitative traits of mango varieties grown in Mohanpur, West Bengal and Paria, Gujarat K. Chakraborti, N. I. Shah and P. Patil DOI :

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Quality and green fodder productivity of forage maize (Zea mays L.) as influenced by different seed priming techniques under rainfed situation K. Jana, A. Sarkar, R. Mondal and R. K. Agrawal DOI :

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Evaluation of glyphosate ammonium 79.2% SG for weed dry weight, crop phytotoxicity, yield, available NPK and economics of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) S. Tanha, P. Chopra, S. S. Rana,G. Singh and N. Kaur DOI :

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Effect of sodium para nitrophenolate 0.3% SL on growth and yield of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) in Inceptisols S. K. Das, S. Samui and P. Nandy DOI :

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Weed dynamics as influenced by drip irrigation and mulching in guava R. Jat, V.P. Singh, S. K. Guru, J. S. Shivran and K. Adhikary DOI :

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Influence of organic weed management practices on and phyto-sociology and diversity of weeds in maize-pea cropping system G. Hetta, S.S. Rana, S. Kumar M. Chakraborty DOI :

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Efficacy of module based integrated approach to combat major insect pests infesting summer green gram A. Banerjee and S. Ray DOI :

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Bio-efficacy evaluation of insecticides against aphids infesting potato S. Naik, A. K. Nayak,A. Sasmal and A. Mishra DOI :

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Integrated management of Alternaria blight caused by Alternaria spp. in rapeseed (Brassica rapa var. toria) under field conditions R. Chakrabarty, H. Kalita, M.Chakravarty,M.Basumutary, B.Bhattacharyya and B. Medhi DOI :

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Morpho-biochemical and molecular insights of fibre quality in jute: A review update S. Bandyopadhyay, S. Datta and Md. N. Ali DOI :

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Stability investigation for seed yield and component characteristics in grain amaranth [Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.] under different environments P. M. Savaliya, N. N. Prajapati, R. S. Solanki,N. V. Soni, M. S. Patel and K. K. Tiwari DOI :

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EMS induced mutagenesis in green gram for small seeded bruchid resistant genotype A. Sen, A. P. Singh, S. Sarkar and S. Bhattacharyya DOI :

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Genetic diversity studies in muskmelon using microsatellite markers G. Indraja, S. Syed,B. T. Priya and Rajesh DOI :

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Genetic variability studies of garlic(Allium sativum L.) germplasam in Terai region of West Bengal Y. R. Reddy, P. S. Medda,B. Roy and S. Datta DOI :

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Comparative study on physico-chemical properties of F1 hybrids and its parent of guava (Psidium guajava L.) in Terai Agro-Climatic Zone of West Bengal Z. W. Sherpa, A. Chakraborty, N. Bhowmick,A. N. Dey, A. Sarkar and S. Khalko DOI :

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Evaluation of physico-chemical attributes and postharvest qualities of Himsagar mango with the exogenous application of growth regulators, anti-oxidant and geotextile mulch S. Dey, S. Datta, M. Alam and , P. Datta DOI :

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The efficacy of varying length of cladode cutting and IBA concentration on root and shoot growth in dragon fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis [F.A.C. Weber] Britton and Rose.) cv. Royal Moroccan Red S. Chhetri, M. Alam, M. A. Hasan and A. Lama DOI :

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Effect of accelerated ageing and dry dressing with botanicals on seed quality of soybean V. R. Hridya, S. Lakshmi and S. Ambika DOI :

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Modelling and forecasting of electricity consumption used in agriculture purpose in India R. K. Tiwari P. Mishra, B. Kumari,A. M. G. Al Khatib, S. Yadav, M. Abotaleb, S. Ray and M. Kumari DOI :

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Popularization of improved short duration rice variety Telangana Sona (RNR 15048) through frontline demonstrations in Nalgonda District, Telangana M. Shankar, M.A. Aariff Khan, T. Bharath,S. Pallavi, T. Himabindu, R.V.T. Balazzi Naaiik,K. Sumalini, V. R. Naik And M. Shankaraiah DOI :

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A study on entrepreneurial behavior of ericulture farmers in the Charaideo district of Assam M. Marak, Th. A. Singha and E. Deori DOI :

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Attributes of CRIJAF Nail Weeder as perceived by the jute growers in West Bengal D. Chatterjee, S. Mondal and D. Basu DOI :

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An economic impact of conservation agriculture on small and marginal farms in West Bengal, India: An assessment with DID method S. Chatterjee, M. Hasan and R. Chakraborty DOI :

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An economic impact of lac based livelihood on tribal community of West Bengal, India B. C. Mahato, S. De and S. Chatterjee DOI :

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Development of zonal wheat yield forecast models through Principal Component Analysis Chetna, M. Devi, J. Mohammed,Y. S. Raghav and P. Mishra DOI :

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Effect of crop combinations on nut equivalent yield and economics of coconut based cropping system Namitha V.V., S. K. Raj, S. Pillai P.,K. Prathapan, N. V. Radhakrishnan and D. Jacob DOI :

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Response to foliar application of different nutrient on lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) as relay crop under rice assessed in terms of performance of yield and economics in the Eastern Region of India A. Hoque, H. Singh, R. K. Srivastava and A. Barman DOI :

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Influence of different nutrient management schedules on physiological attributes of organic cabbage(Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) Sindhu V. and R. Chatterjee DOI :

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Evaluation of superior Darjeeling mandarin genotypes/clones from Sikkim and Darjeeling hills N. Gurung., S. Singh, D. Barman,S. Sarkar, B. K. Singh and N. Prasad DOI :

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Influence of different companion crops on major sucking pests in the brinjal ecosystem M. I. Zaman, B. Mondal, A. K. Mukhopadhyay and L. C. Patel DOI :

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Estimation of cost of cultivation, profitability in different farm sizes as well as growth and instability of mustard in West Bengal A. Roy, S. Sarkar and B. Bera DOI :

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